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Advocacy and lobbying training manual download. advocacy strategy, and each module is divided in sessions to be used as it fits the training goal. Sessions of the manual are built around practical exercises, tools, handouts and notes for the facilitator.

The exercises are the core of the training as they will take the participants through an. A Training Manual on Advocacy, Lobbying and Negotiation Skills. Categories: Community Organising, Forests and Climate Change, Popular Education Indigenous peoples assert that rights cannot be compromised; however, indigenous peoples’ delegates have recognized the need to strengthen existing skills and capacities for lobbying and advocacy. This training guide introduces the concept of advocacy and provides a framework for developing an advocacy campaign.

Although the guide is designed for a workshop setting, it can be used as a self-teaching device as well. Divided into twelve modules, the guide presents general information; however, the participant must use his or her own experience to answer questions related. TRAINING MANUAL ON PEACE, ADVOCACY 10 AND SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP DAY I TRUST BUILDING EXERCISE I The purpose of commencing the training with a trust building exercise is to ensure that the participants develop a sound level of comfort, both with the facilitators and with each other.

This is integral to ensure a conducive learning environment. Advocacy and Lobbying Training The Hague, October Participant Profiles In this booklet are the profiles of the dynamic individuals that took part in the Diaspora Academy Projects Second Lobbying and Advocacy training workshop in October Step 1: Identify and Analyze the Problem Step 2: Formulate the Proposal Step 3: Analyze the Decision-Making Space Step 4: Analyze Channels of Influence Step 5: Do a SWOT Analysis Step 6: Design Advocacy Strategies Step 7: Develop an Activity Plan Step 8: Carry Out Continuous Evaluation.

Section Four: Appendixes. Trainer Manual CD; Trainer Manual Cover; Trainer Manual Cover Spine; Spanish Manual de Entrenamiento en Principios Fundamentales de Patrocinio Manual de Entrenador. Tab 1 - Primeros Pasos; Tab 2 - Introduccion; Tab 3 - Modulo 1 - Estrategia; Tab 4 - Modulo 2 - Coaliciones; Tab 5 - Modulo 3 -Reclutamiento y Organizacion.

experiences of running an Advocacy Project and felt it might be supportive to others to have easy access to ready-to-use training workshops and materi-als. Ideas which worked for us Over the years we have used numer-ous ideas for training and supporting ourselves, and our volunteers and staff with the demands and challenges of.

manual Advocacy! Guidelines! Lobbying! Speeches! Conferences! Training module! Case studies This Advocacy Manual has been developed to assist members of the Gender and Water Alliance which can be used for advocacy and training purposes.

How to use the Manual The Manual is divided into 4 main sections. less important than other health issues. Advocacy is essential to help to set the record straight and to spur action at all levels.

The fact is that 80% of all chronic disease deaths occur in low and middle income countries. Here, men and women develop chronic diseases and die from them at younger ages than do people in high income countries. 2 Training Manual on Advocacy, Lobbying and Negotiation Skills for Indigenous Peoples in Climate Change and REDD+ In this module, we will be introducing our indigenous participants the concept of advocacy and lobbying.

We will frame the discussion so that our advocacy and lobbying is directly related to the assertion andFile Size: 2MB. Grassroots Advocacy Trainer’s ManualGrassroots Advocacy Trainer’s Manual Introduction Welcome to Module 1: Strategy By the end of this module, you should be able to: See that organizing is logical and systematic. Think strategically, not tactically.

Understand that strategy is about power relationships. The guide on “Lobbying and Advocacy” is a piece of this mosaic. We sincerely hope that this Guide will be a useful tool to stimulate, motivate and support Employers and Business Member Organizations to review their practices and identify the most successful strategies to bring about an evidence-based advocacy agenda for an enabling environment. Advocacy and Lobbying This training manual was developed after a detailed consultative workshop with members of Community Based Organizations from the FATA, in November The other four thematic areas that were prioritized during the consultation included: Communication and Presentation, ConflictFile Size: KB.

Nexus Werx LLC is a political training company launching the Learn to Lobby line of online and in-person training products: Effective ActivismLobbyingand Campaigning Born out of the belief that it shouldn’t take insider experience to participate politically, these trainings develop both soft skills and strategic competency and is for individuals, non-profits, and advocacy.

A manual to guide CSOs in their advocacy work The lessons and experiences from these advocacy activities were used to develop an EOWE Advocacy pkde.xn--80abjcnelkthex.xn--p1ai manual aims to guide CSOs to advocate for the empowerment of women entrepreneurs by influencing county government policies and budgets, and promoting women’s involvement in political processes.

trainings with colleagues from 13 different country offices. Cover illustration: middle income states, and with new actors. The manual is structured around an eight-step advocacy planning cycle to insider tactics of lobbying behind the scenes. Advocacy can be done alone or File Size: KB. Training Manual Evidence-based, Constructive Advocacy A Handbook pkde.xn--80abjcnelkthex.xn--p1ai 2 Acknowledgements Advocacy and Lobbying are often confused for one another.

Lobbying, in contrast to advocacy, is mostly focused on influencing legislators and legislation to oppose. SARA/AED Advocacy Training Guide usingnugis This Introduction to Advocacy Training Guide provides the tools for people to start engaging in the advocacy process, and is thus designed to: inform a diverse audience of potential advocates about advocacy and its methods; build some basic skills in advocacy.

An Advocacy Training Manual The POLICY Project. THE POLICY PROJECT ADVOCACY TRAINING MANUAL First Printing October POLICY is a five-year project funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development under Contract No. CCP-C, beginning September 1, Lobbying Manual and Forms. Listed below are the lobbying resources that may relate to your lobbying activity. For additional information on lobbying, please Ask the FPPC for Advice. Lobbying Disclosure Manual. Lobbying Disclosure Information Manual Introduction Chapter 1 - Lobbying Filers: Qualification Rules Chapter 2 - Lobbying Reports: An.

After the training it is envisaged that participant s will: • Understand what advocacy and lobbying are, and how they cannot be isolated from networking. • Understand the importance of advocacy work and have the confidence to carry it forward.

• Know about tools available for advocacy plannin g. Advocacy and Policy Influencing for Social Change; Citizens’ participation in the Decision-Making processes. The present Manual Advocacy and Policy Influencing for Social Change is aimed to increase the CSOs advocacy skills as well as the influence on public policies in. Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN) Climate Change Partnership Program organized a three-day ‘National Training of Trainers (TOT) on Advocacy and Lobbying about Climate Change and REDD+’ in Sauraha, Chitwan, on December Resource persons including Dr Pasang Sherpa, Mr Kiran Sunuwar, Mr Khemjung Gurung, Khim Ghale imparted the training to a total of 45 [ ].

Community Advocates Training Manual 9 Module 1: The Training Environment This module sets the atmosphere for the training. The purpose of this module is to enable participants to get acquainted, feel relaxed and comfortable as well as setting rules to guide the training. Details of the project and purpose of the workshop will also be discussed. Lobbying is indeed a very powerful weapon, which, if it is well used and performed in a professional manner, can provide the French and European.

behavior or training of workers. American Muslims for Palestine PROGRAM BOOKLET AND TRAINING MANUAL 13 VPAD MEETING WITH YOUR MEMBERS OF CONGRESS We welcome your participation in our virtual Palestine Advocacy Days with Members of Congress. Below are some tips to help prepare you for your meetings with your representatives and senators in Congress. AMP. Advocacy vs. Lobbying: An Arts Primer | 4 Alerting your network about new legislation affecting the arts is not considered lobbying unless those communications urge people to ask their elected officials for a specific yea or nay vote.

• Advocacy is a broader term while lobbying is a type of advocacy. • Lobbying is, in fact, advocacy that attempts to influence the opinions of the legislators or those who are in the government. • Demonstrations, sit-ins, marches, rallies etc. are forms of advocacy in support of. TRAINING MANUAL FOR ADVOCACY FOR ALCOHOL POLICY EUROCARE BRIDGING THE GAP PROJECT Written by: Peter Anderson January CONTENTS OF THE TRAINING MANUAL This manual consists of two components: 1.

The manual itself 2. The website from which all the separate components, background reading and video. We asked 70 advocacy experts for their best advocacy skills, planning, and training tips for advocacy professionals. See what they had to say. Training Manual on Advocacy, Lobbying and Negotiation Skills for Indigenous Peoples in Climate Change and REDD+.

The guide is designed to help you, leaders of youth organizations. Advocacy manual. 2 Founded in The Netherlands inSNV has built a long-term, local presence in many of advocacy. The training aimed to enhance their capacity to mobilise and empower rural women and Lobbying Uses of advocacy. - Strong advocacy and lobbying of The First Children's Embassy in the World Megjashi for harsher punishments of sex offenders, incest offenders, pedophiles, especially towards children under 14 years of age, gave results.

See more ideas about First child, Childrens, Advocacy pins. of an issue in general (such as health care), offering training on how to engage in the advocacy process, conducting and sharing research, inviting a legislator to see and tour your organization, and working with the media.

Every nonprofit can engage in each of these kinds of advocacy. Lobbying is a specifically focused form of advocacy, with. SIHA is recruiting a consultant to develop an advocacy training reference guide to be delivered during the advocacy training of women street vendors in Kampala and Hargeisa.

The consultant will draw on a number of existing training manuals as well as good practice. Bolder Advocacy provides training, written legal resources and free technical assistance to nonprofits regarding the rules of advocacy and lobbying at the federal, state and local levels. By strengthening the capacity of nonprofits to pursue policy reform, groups are able to more effectively speak out on behalf of the needs of their communities and constituents. This workshop is one of the organization’s series of trainer the trainer workshops aimed at creating facilitators and equipping them with skills they can use to develop their communities.

The workshop also introduced DDP’s training manual: A Civil Society Resource Manual for Lobbying and Advocacy for Change in both English ans IsiZulu.

To train participants on how to use the training manual; The expected key outputs of the training included: NACGs regional workshop on advocacy and lobbying strategy 14thth December Whether making a specific policy ask or maintaining sustained support, community revitalization professionals and historic preservationists need to develop and hone advocacy skills.

View recordings of this online course offered in July/August through the Main Street America Institute and presented by the Preservation Leadership Forum for an in-depth overview of five key advocacy areas.

Training Details. Target group and prerequisites. Key CSOs’ staff involved in advocacy and lobbying actions or people interested in effectively influence the public decision-making processes. The course is conceived for beginners and not suggested for advanced staff. Lobbying and advocacy, or policy influencing, is a powerful tool – civil society organisations would agree with this statement. Because this tool is used to address systems, rather than symptoms.

Advocating for better policies generates positive change for disadvantaged people, groups and countries. The present manual on Advocacy has been prepared to Train the Trainers at TLMTI who in turn will train other staff and help in taking Mission’s advocacy work forward. The Manual combines information on three aspects – “Training”, “Leprosy” and “Advocacy”. The manual is.

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